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The Min-Autumn Festival BBQ Night Date:07.09.26

There are many stories behind these traditions. During the Zhou Dynasty ( 1046 BC to 256 BC), Chinese people customarily held a moon sacrifice ceremony by offering moon cakes (round, like the moon) and round fruit (water melons, apples, grapes, dates) to receive the moon's blessing for the coming winter. On that day all family members would return to their family home and worship the moon together. The matriarch would then divide one moon cake into equal pieces according to the number of family members and distribute them to everyone. All the pieces combine to form a complete moon cake, and hence this is symbolic of the family reunion. This tradition is still popular today among many families.

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Last Wednesday our company-CHS organised a small BBQ for our clients to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. That's a real wonderful night. We got response from some clients, they enjoyed the food, beer, night, games and atmosphere very much.


The Min-Autumn Festival BBQ Night
The Mid Autumn Festival (Zhong Qiu Jie) is the 15th day of the 8th ...

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CHS & KaiCheng Mid-Autumn BBQ
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